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When it comes to promoting your business, you may feel like your only option is to pay and start advertising. Well, we have good news for you.

There are several options for you to market your business for free. We are about to show you the best places to advertise your small business on the internet. These places are an essential resource for business owners as money can be a problem when you are just starting out.

Bear in mind that some places we suggest are more effective for some businesses than for others, however, you are sure to find a few that will help give your small business an advertising boost.

Let’s get started.


#1:Google My Business

Google My Business is the first place to market business for free. We suppose you have already spent a lot of time, effort, and money to make sure that your website is fully optimized for Google.

With Google My Business, you have the potential of being found by a potential customer (there are almost 8 billion searches that occur every single day). With Google Business, your phone number and location can be linked to app users so they can navigate right to your door.


#2: Citysearch

Bars, restaurants, hotels, and other types of businesses can benefit from this website. Citysearch collaborates with platforms like Expedia, Urbanspoon, and MerchantCircle. All listings are accessed through the mobile app. Those businesses that are preferred by users are marked as “best of”.

To get promoted you need to register your business location.


#3: YellowBook

Easily searchable listing that includes the most important business information such as website, product descriptions, location, etc. Besides being included in their business listing, you are linked with Bing, Google, and Yahoo. There is an affiliate program to take advantage of.


#4: Merchant Circle

Another free network website targeted toward startups and small businesses. This is one of the best places to market your business for free, especially if you are a novice. Boost your listings and take advantage of the broad number or marketing tools designed to scale your business.

Sign up and become actively involved in what is currently going on there to start seeing the best results.


#5: Kudzu

Kudzu is a free database which claims to assist over 20 million homeowners looking for renovation options. Profiles can include photographs or videos, marketing descriptions, professional affiliations, coupons, and user-generated reviews to help scale your business up.

Don’t wait and get your Kudzu listing started and start using the options this site has to offer to your business.


#6: Yelp

Yelp is the most popular online source for customer reviews. Having your businesses listed on Yelp can make or break your online success. Those who provide impeccable service and have solid reviews will notice a great deal of growth by using this listing.

Make sure to get your small business in perfect operation and then create your listing.


#7: HotFrog

HotFrog is an online directory, created to help boost your small business among search results on Google. Having a significant list of over 1.6 million active users shows that there are a lot of options to use, such as promotions, coupons, and more.

Register your business with Hotfrog today to get started using the benefits.


#8: The Business Journals

The Business Journals is available in most cities around the US. The website generates over 8 million searches per month. There are four levels of listings including a free profile which gets you started.

Also, there are affordable options to allow your business to grow. Set up your profile and discover how this website can scale your small business to new levels.


#9: Directory Critic

Directory Critic offers SEO-friendly article directories and web content to help to promote your products and services. Article directory listings and a general directory are included in their free service created to help you build a more powerful search engine presence.

You can enroll in their no-cost program and optimize your business presence in no time.


#10: Quora

Being a thought leader or expert on Quora can certainly draw attention to your business. Quora is a website or more specifically a forum-style platform with user questions that are begging for answers. Make sure to explore their broad audience and build your name, as well as brand recognition.

Becoming dominant in your field is a sure way of attracting new clients. Quora also gives businesses an opportunity to create unique content related to your business, outside of your website.


#11: LinkedIn

Did you know that you can host your own blog on LinkedIn? This is an opportunity to streamline your blogging, strengthen your LinkedIn presence, and market business for free online. Show yourself to be an expert by joining LinkedIn group discussions in a knowledgeable and respectful manner and people will soon start looking for your services.


#12: Reddit

Reddit is a social news aggregation website that is a bit different than other social media sites. Posts, links, and photos are submitted by users and then rated by others on the website. The link or post that gain the most votes automatically moves toward the list in various categories giving them better exposure. Reddit is number 3 on the list of most visited websites in the world. There are more than 500 million visitors per month.


#13: Hubbiz

Another free directory to use to list your business by category, state or city. Besides listing your business, this website promotes the most popular brands to help those who are doing things right scale even more.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a large advertising budget or limited resources, you can still make your business presence felt online by making use of free advertising and listing websites.

Dive right in and start making the online presence of your business known.

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