5 Essential Questions Family Lawyers Must Answer Before Building Their Website

We must immediately say to any family lawyers who think that they have to build a website themselves, do not panic. What we mean by the title is that, if you have decided that you want a new website designed and created, then you will play a role in that process, however, the technical aspects of it you will leave to the web design agency you hire to create the website.

What plays an essential role in the building of your website, is setting out what its objectives are, and determining several aspects of how the website is going to achieve those objectives by identifying who you are building it for. You must be clear that you are not building the website for your law practice, those who work there, or yourself, but rather for the visitors who come to that website, aka your prospective clients.

This is a mistake numerous business owners make when they decide they want a new website built, as they have it created to suit them, not realising that it matters little what the owner of a business thinks about a website. Instead, it is the prospective customers and clients of that business whose opinions matter most, and that is the same for your family law practice’s website, and why there are five key questions you must answer before it is built.

The answer to these questions will give the web design agency great insights into how the website should be designed concerning layout, graphics, colours, and fonts, plus the answers will play a huge role in determining the types of content and the subjects covered therein which you will be publishing on your website.

What Are Three Top Goals You Have For Your Family Law Business?

If you are having a new website built, you obviously have ambitions for your family lawyer’s business, and as such, you need to write down the three main business goals you have for it. If you are unsure if your goals are meaningful, follow the tried and tested SMART goals method,  which means each goal must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound.

Who, Primarily, Does Your Target Audience Consist Of?

Remember we mentioned that your website should be built for your audience, not for you? This is where you identify that audience such as the demographics, their location, plus digging deeper with your research, what their wants, likes and dislikes are, and what content they are attracted to.

What Will Visitors Who Visit Your Website Hope To Achieve When There?

This is arguably the most important question of the five because the answer to it will tell you and your web design agency the core objectives of the website and crucially what types of content it should have. It will also ensure that specific pages with content that will help visitors achieve what they came to achieve are created within the website.

How Does Your Family Lawyers Business Differentiate From Its Competitors?

Unless you are extremely lucky or located in a remote town, you are certain to have competition from other local family lawyers, which is no bad thing. First, it shows that there is demand for family law services, and even better, it allows you to differentiate to show that you are the best option for those looking for a family lawyer. As such, your website can reflect and magnify those positive differences and highlight what puts you above your competitors.

How Will You Measure The Success Of Your Website?

To be able to evaluate the success of your website, you must have some means of measuring it against applicable criteria. Examples you may wish to focus on include visitor time spent on the website, rankings on Google, and conversions. This can require some technical knowledge of using website data so it could be a service you ask your web design agency to provide or a digital marketing agency as part of a larger online marketing campaign.