Why Digital Brochures Are The Perfect Marketing Tool For Bridal Retailers

How many of you are bridal store owners that have a brochure which you make available to prospective clients and customers? Another question. How many of you who answered “Yes” assumed we meant the physical printed brochures that are made using glossy paper? We are certain that almost all of you did.

We did not ask this to try and trick you, but rather to raise a point that traditional printed brochures are not the only type of brochure that bridal stores can use. Better still, the alternative type of brochures we are going to discuss is perfect for bridal stores for several reasons.

We are talking about digital brochures, and are sure many of you may never have heard of the term before. Fear not, for we are going to explain exactly what a digital brochure is, and highlight how you can use them to market your bridal business and provide it with a huge advantage over your local competitors.

What Is A Digital Brochure?

The simplest explanation we can give you is that a digital brochure takes what can be seen and read in a traditional printed paper brochure, and makes it available in digital form. This way it can be accessed and consumed on devices such as a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

The simplest way this can be achieved is to request that the company which prints your physical brochures also send you it in a digital format such as a PDF. You then make that PDF available to anyone who would like a copy.

The more advanced formats are what we recommend, where the person reading through a digital brochure will experience features such as animations of pages turning. You can also have the person using the digital brochure interact in other ways such as taking a quiz, a survey, adding comments, or creating wedding dress options by moving images around on the screen. These features would not be available in the simpler pdf format we mentioned previously.

Another option is to have both a printed and a digital brochure created but ensure the digital version is not just a copy of your printed brochure and is different in many ways such as the layout and the order in which specific products are shown.

Why Use A Digital Brochure For Your Bridal Business?

  • Instant Updates And Alterations: With digital brochures you can make changes in real-time and instantly, meaning it is always up to date and ready for adding new ranges of dresses or bridal robes as soon as they are on sale. You can also correct errors quickly, something you cannot do with printed brochures.
  • Can Be Shared In A Multitude Of Ways: Because digital brochures are digital files and online, you can enable them to be shared in all kinds of ways. They can be shared on social media, sent by email as an attachment, or you can include a download link for your digital brochures on every web page and blog post which you publish, including on other websites.
  • Available To A Much Larger Audience: If you have a bridal store in Perth, it is not the easiest for someone in Melbourne to have one of your printed brochures, other than you mailing it to them. It is easier and more effective to have links on your website or social media or to send them a link via email so they can download your digital brochure instantly and see all your bridal wear in glorious color on their screen.
  • Online Users Love Interactivity: Reading a printed brochure is all good and well, but it is nowhere in the interactivity stakes compared to digital brochures. You can make them as interactive as your budget will allow and truly give those who have your digital brochure more of a unique and positive experience, compared to them simply reading through a printed brochure.