9 ways of marketing a product on social media

With millions of people using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others, it is important to include these websites when promoting a new product. The number of people you can reach is one of the greatest benefits of using online communities to promote your product.

Using social media is a lot cheaper than advertising methods and traditional marketing. You can promote a product using social networking websites by determining where your potential customers are and getting your product out there on those sites.

One of the challenging parts, however, is coming up with fresh marketing ideas. Luckily, we can help you.

We’ve put together a list of creative ways of marketing a product on social media you can use to engage your followers. These ideas will help you provide more appealing and diverse content, no matter the type of business you are running.

Use More Emojis
Using emojis in your social media posts is a great way to connect with your followers while having fun at the same time.

According to one research, using emojis on Twitter can increase user engagement by 25.4% and using emojis in Facebook posts can increase user engagement by 57%. So, if you plan to use emojis in your comments, responses or social media posts, it is important that you choose the right emojis (the ones you understand the meaning of).

Poll Your Audience
If you are looking for new ways of marketing a product online on social media, polls are an easy and quick way to engage your audience. You can create a poll on Twitter or Facebook to start engaging your followers in a matter of moments. This can be a great way to find more about their preferences so you can modify your strategy and improve their experience.

Partner with Another Brand
If you have an opportunity to partner with another brand that has a similar audience, this can be a great way to grow your exposure across Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Choose a brand that is not a direct competitor but whose audience may benefit from your product. Both you and the other company need to see an opportunity for a partnership and cooperation that would be mutually beneficial. By working together, both you and the other brand can benefit from exposure in new, unexplored markets.

Participate in Throwback Thursday
#TBT or Throwback Thursday is a fun trend on social media. As the name suggests, images are shared on Thursday and usually are fun memories from the past, embarrassing pictures, etc. This is a fun way for you to engage with your users while showing a little of your history.

For example, BMW post #TBT photo of an older car model that most fans will find nostalgic. Although this is not the best way to market a new product online, it is a perfect opportunity to connect with your audience.

Don’t forget to use hashtags to show that your post is a throwback memory.

Host AMA series
AMA or Ask Me Anything is a popular series which have become popular on Reddit. It offers brands an opportunity to engage with followers. AMA series consists of questions from the followers. This is a great chance to see what your followers think about your brand while sharing your industry expertise.

No need to host your AMA on Reddit. You can if you want to. But, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all great platforms for fielding questions.

Share User-Generated Content From Your Followers
Sharing content is a great way to give your followers a new perspective on your brand while establishing stronger relationships with your potential customers. Usually, customers trust content from an average person, more than they do from businesses or brands. In fact, more than 70% of people surveyed said they were more likely to trust a real person and almost 100% of customers trust other customer recommendations.

If you are looking for creative ways of marketing a product on Facebook or Instagram, you can share user-generated content and show that your followers aren’t the only one who thinks your product is great.

Wayfair, a home décor retailer used Instagram to show their followers how their products can be positioned with content shared by customers. They added a link in their profile so that customers can buy the products directly.

Have “Tag a Friend” Content
On social media, you can see how users tag their friends in the comments of posts they think their friends will like. Well, you can take advantage of this by posting reliable content and inviting users to tag someone they think will relate to the content.

Use “Reactions” on Facebook
One of the most fun features on Facebook is the reaction button. By using this feature, users can respond to Facebook posts using different reaction emojis. For example, instead of liking a post, users can choose haha, love, sad, wow, angry, etc. Although these may be used to react to posts from friends, brands can also use this option to engage their followers and evaluate feelings or interest in a specific topic.

The reactions let the brand knows that viewers liked the content and find it interesting. If your fans don’t like your content, it is time to change your social media content strategy.

Create a How-To Video
Video is a great format to use to promote a new product or break things down for your social media followers. Did you know that 60% of users watch videos whether they are live or not? Although it is best if you create video tutorials or how-to videos.

These are engaging pieces of content that you can post across Facebook, Instagram, etc. This type of video content helps you break things down into steps, providing visual guidance all the way. It is also shareable meaning you will have an opportunity to get your content in front of new people.

Whenever you are having trouble coming up with fresh social media marketing ideas, just use one of the options above. Have fun!