Advertising for Small Business on a Budget

Know you need to get the word out about your small business but money is a problem? Luckily, you can advertise your small business on a budget.

Although marketing your business will be more difficult with little money, it is 100% doable to attract new customers that will push your business to the next level.

Advertising for small business on a budget is possible thanks to these cost-effective marketing strategies below.

Email Marketing
This is a simple and effective way to bring in new revenue. The best part? Email marketing is completely free.

This strategy comes down to collecting email addresses, nurturing leads with weekly emails, and selling to them to grow your business.

How do you do it and what you write is up to you, whether you email capture pop-ups to your site or add it into your ecommerce checkout process, it is an effective business practice to follow up with potential customers.

Improve Website for SEO
A few tweaks to your site can bring in more page views and customers. It is a fact and your small business should get on this.

There are tips to add to your site that will tip-off Google that your business is about this subject, in a specific location, and people looking for what you sell should be sent directly to your page.

One website optimized for search engines has a grasp one keywords, image titles and alt tags, headings, meta tags, header and footer information, external links, and valuable content.

Fresh Facebook Content
The best advertising for small business is done on social media. Facebook is by no means the most popular social media platform. That is why the more Facebook posts your business publishes means more chances your customers will share, comment or like your content and introduce your brand.

When posting on Facebook, you need to be consistent and post at least once a day.

To stay relevant in today’s competitive marketplace, you need to experiment and invest extra effort into social media.

Daily Instagram Posts
Those businesses that aren’t on Instagram are missing out on advertising small business online and growing their brand. It is foolish not to be on this platform, especially if your company’s target group is millennials.

Post a new photo at least once a day. It is better if you create a content plan and know what to post every day.

Call Previous Buyers
What’s the best thing about previous buyers? They have already decided to purchase your products or services in the past.

This means your business has two benefits going for it: you have earned enough of their trust and they are aware of you and you assume the experience went great.

Most small businesses don’t really capitalize on their previous buyers and leave a goldmine under their nose.

Get someone on your team to call every single past buyer. Whether you speak to the buyer directly or leave a message, the point is to mention an offer they might be interested in and motivate them to come back in the most polite way possible.

Build Google Listing Reviews
If your small business doesn’t have a Google listing, you should create one right now. Once the listings are up and populated with the right information, it is up to you to fill the listing with positive reviews.

Run a Gateway
If you are not really used to spending money on online advertising for small business, this won’t be your favorite option.

A giveaway could generate new leads and more sales.

A giveaway done right will get your business name in front of new customers, collect their emails, and give the business an opportunity to reach out to them for future ass.

If you have some extra inventory, gift or software that you can give away, this strategy won’t cost you much.

The best part about blogging is that your business always wins the game. When you put out quality content, potential customers are going to search for fresh information and visit your website.

This type of advertising is powerful since the visitor is looking for something and landing on your website they recognize you are offering the thing they need.

Did you know that blogging costs 62% less than traditional advertising and returns about 3 times as many business leads?

Publish Videos
This tactic is great only if executed well.

Videos are more likely to go viral fast and present your business’s personality. Your video could focus on how to use your product, share a founder’s story, a short history of your company, etc. There are lots of great ideas you can use.

Once the video is completed, publish it on your website, social media profiles, on your blog, and email it to your subscribers.