6 insider marketing tips for social media

It is about a time for businesses and brands to take full advantage of the following marketing tips for social media when it comes to promoting products and reaching out to the target audience.

As time goes by, the digital marketing space evolves by the minute and it is something you as a business owner can’t ignore. With so many social media marketing trends, there are so many opportunities to succeed as an online business.

If you want to achieve success it is best to stay on top of trends and decide what is best for your business. So, do you want to know how others took advantage of social media and achieved success?

We asked social media pros to share some of the best social media marketing tips of businesses. Here is what they have to say.

Get the Attention of Famous Influencers
Influencers are important today, for every business, in every niche. They are extremely active on social media, have “real” jobs, and spend their time blogging and sharing content online. Attracting their attention is not easy, even if you give away free gifts.

Experts say that social media is 4-1-1 sharing system that allows a business to get better visibility with social influencers.

For every 6 articles shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. four should be from your influencer target that are relevant to your target group. One piece should be educational content, created from you and one piece should be product or sales-related, for example, press release, product notice, and other pieces of content no one pays attention to.

Although the numbers don’t have to be exact, it is the concept that makes this work.

Focus on Platforms Where Your Consumers Are
Social media overwhelm is one of the challenges for small businesses and brands. They all think they need to have a presence on every platform, including the latest platforms that come along. This is just a huge waste of time.

The solution is simple – you need to be where your potential buyers are. So, find out where your customers are hanging out on social media, choose one or two platforms that align with your objectives and focus on those platforms.

There are a few ways to find where your customers are online. You could ask them, use the search functionality on social channels, see if there are groups talking about your business, use Google Alerts, etc.

You can set up alerts for your business, name, industry, and related topics of interest. You will be able to get some insight into the conversations happening about your business so you can join the conversation if it seems appropriate.

Host Social Media Events
You can build a loyal community by hosting fun online events that put the focus on your customers.

One effective online event is organizing a Fan Page Friday. It is more like a virtual networking party where you allow your followers to share links to their pages on your page.

The event can last as long as you want and is a great way to get more fans, discover new businesses, and build a community while increasing your rank.

Many businesses launch a Fan Page Friendly event, however, experts recommend hosting one event every four to six weeks.

Don’t forget to include a hashtag like #FacebookFriday and schedule your invitation to go out early in the morning.

Another idea is to host live webinars where you present great content. You can monetize your effort by promoting a special deal on the webinar.

Communicate with Your LinkedIn Connections
Marketing tips and social media strategies are a great combo, however, you can’t expect results if you don’t communicate with your people.

One way to get closer to your people is by sending an email to your connections on LinkedIn and generator more leads and sales.

LinkedIn allows you to send emails to 50 contacts at a time. When you send the email, don’t try to sell your products. Instead, provide something valuable, that is relevant to you and your business.

If you have a group of people relevant to your business and you want to grow your connections, regular emails will be a great source of leads of sales.

Are you communicating with your connections on LinkedIn?

Use Live Internet Broadcast
Your audience has lots of options for content. Effective social media marketing means that you have to rise above others and differentiate yourself so that your audience chooses you.

Nothing does this better than a live broadcast. Facebook posts can be commented, articles can be read, Tweets can be read, but a live broadcast has to be consumed at the moment. Use this to your marketing advantage.

Don’t market the platform you are using but the fact that you are live, right at the moment. The most important thing is that your followers connect with you right now.

You will be surprised how effective live broadcast is for connecting with your audience.

Creating Loyalty by Participating in Dialogs
Customers want to hear valuable and accurate information. And what better way to share that information than participating in one-on-one dialog.

If you find your audience is most active on Instagram, join the platform and participate in a one-on-one dialog.

You can ask your customers how they feel about a particular topic, learn about their issues, what they don’t like, what they like, etc. Don’t pose broad questions. Talk to specific individuals who will yield a high response rate.

This will simplify your customer’s shopping journey and create trust and loyalty.

The best thing about these online marketing tips social media is that they are easy to implement. Gather your marketing team and decide which strategy you are going to use first.