Why Your Business Could Benefit From Fire Sprinklers

When you start thinking of ways to protect your business, your first thought might be business insurance. While it’s essential to have business insurance, it’s worth considering whether fire services equipment like fire sprinklers could also be a valuable measure for your establishment.

Fire sprinklers are a cost-effective and highly efficient way to manage fires and reduce the risk of loss of life. If you haven’t yet considered fire sprinklers as a valid addition to your business, the following information from Integral Fire Protection may just change your mind.

Reduce the Risk of Lost Lives

Statistics provided by the US Fire Administration are very telling about the ability of fire sprinklers to reduce the risk of people dying in fires.

Their National Fire Incident Reporting System showed that the death rate out of 1,000 reported fires in the US was 87 percent lower in properties with sprinklers than in those without any form of automatic extinguishing system.

According to the same statistics, the civilian injury rate was also 27 percent lower, with the firefighter injury rate per 1,000 fires lower by 67 percent.

Create Clear Exits

Many people’s worst nightmare is being trapped in a fire and having no clear exit. For many, fire sprinklers can be the peace of mind they need. Active sprinklers can clear a path to allow people to escape a fire.

If you combine fire sprinklers with other fire fighting equipment like extinguishers, you may be able to prevent serious injuries and even deaths.


When you compare the cost of fire sprinklers and other automatic extinguishing systems to the costs of fires and lives lost, the two just don’t compare. If you’re undertaking building renovations and haven’t got fire sprinklers, it might be worth talking to your local fire services agency about how to install them.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Depending on your policy and provider, there are money savings to be made when you choose to install fire sprinklers in your building.

Given that they reduce the risk of building damage and death, insurance companies can view them fondly. They may save them money, so some of those cost savings may be passed onto you in terms of policy discounts. If you have sprinkler systems already and are unsure if your insurance policies reflect them, consider making a phone call to inquire.

Low Care

Many businesses might assume that by installing sprinklers, they have one more thing to maintain in their schedule. However, fire sprinklers require minimal care. Ask the installer you’ve chosen about annual maintenance checks. In most situations, once or twice-yearly checks are all these fire protection systems require to remain in excellent working condition.

Reduced Damage Risk

In two ways, fire sprinklers could potentially result in reduced building damage. Given that they automatically go off when they sense fire, they’re able to prevent the fire from creating any further damage inside your building.

However, as they can put a fire out, or at least help reduce the risk of spread, they may also be able to limit how much water a firefighter has to use to put out the rest of the fire. The sprinklers themselves also use minimal water.

If your business does not yet have a fire sprinkler system or any fire safety equipment, now might be an ideal time to consider it. Not only could you save money, but you may also save lives.