6 Ways to Boost Your eCommerce Revenues

Having a lot of traffic on your website is the first goal you may have in your attempts to generate revenue online. While this is a good start, the next step of getting people to purchase is much more difficult. Many things can affect how well you manage to perform with your online campaign. Here I will list a few that are common among many industries.

Increasing Your Conversion Rate

Simply put, this is the rate of people that visit your website that will make a purchase. This can be affected by the ease of access, the method of payment, and how well you present your business online. What needs to be done in order to find out how to increase this is to analyse your internet traffic to identify those that are purchasing and those that are not and what they are doing differently. Once you can identify where your customers are either having trouble with the website or losing interest, you can fix the problem and make some adjustments.

Average Order Value

Almost every website will now offer package deals or make suggestions for additional products to increase how much each person spends while on your website. Offering complimentary items to what they are about to purchase is a great way to increase your sale and keep them engaged for future purchases. Maybe they won’t buy an additional item on that go around, but at least they will know you offer it without even needing to look.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing will determine what demographic of people are visiting your site and how many will see you as a potential source to purchase from. This can involve search engine optimization on your page to help people find your website. Even use different marketing tactics outside of the realm of the internet to showcase your business. The more diverse you are in your marketing strategy, the wider your population will be for potential buyers. Don’t limit yourself to just one method, such as a billboard or TV commercial. Determine what your most successful means of marketing are, and optimize it constantly. Fully utilize the internet with email marketing and online analytics to make your campaign as efficient and far-reached as possible.

Go Mobile

Smartphones and tablets are beginning to replace laptop and desktop computers. These devices operate of different platforms and have different methods of connecting people to businesses. We are always on the go in America, and you cannot help but to notice that we are now always looking down at our phones. Make sure your business can reach people through applications and social networking.

Mix the Experience

Make sure you can give customers the ability to shop online but also enable them to come into your store to pick up the items or pay for them. This will give them an opportunity to evaluate their purchase and have a more personalized shopping experience. Once they are in your store, they may want to do some additional shopping and see what else you offer. Using the E-commerce side of your business to act as a marketing tool for your physical location is an excellent way to keep your store alive and competitive.

Fewer Clicks

The easier it is for an individual to make a purchase on your website, the more likely they will do so. People are quick to get frustrated if they cannot figure out how to go through with the purchase. Having online shopping carts to add items as they shop is a good example of streamlining the online shopping experience. Many of us out there are not computer literate and need some assistance in the process. Make it simple for them with large colourful buttons and step-by-step directions on how to make a purchase.