4 Best Web-Development Tools Used to Reduce Coding

The web-development business is growing every day. This means that it is becoming more and more complicated to keep up with the competition, if you are in that business, of course. In order to do this, there are 3 major solutions.

Firstly, one can write numerous pages of code from scratch, but this takes up a lot of time, so this is not advisable.

Secondly, one can always purchase applications online (this is the easiest way), but these applications can cost a fortune, and this is also not advisable, especially if you don’t have money to through away (like most web developers nowadays).

The 3rd solution is somewhere in between the two mentioned above. There are numerous web-development tools on the internet that can help the web developer a lot by reducing the long and exhausting coding process. In the following text, there is a list of the 4 best tools that are both user-friendly and smart enough to generate complicated pieces of code, just like a very experienced web developer.

They have all proven to be very helpful in my web-development experience.


This is a very simple web-development tool. It is a CSS framework that has a very user-friendly interface. It has various interactive tools as well as simple plug-ins for buttons, tabs and sprinters. The best feature of Blueprint is the built-in typography based on expert principals.

Other features include a grid system that can support almost all layouts, form styles for good-looking user interfaces, and print styles that make any web page ready to be printed on paper.

With it, the web developer can focus on the content as much as he or she sees fit. It is an easy way to create websites, as soon as the person using it gets in the hang of it, of course.

BBEdit 10

The BBEdit 10 tool is developed by Bare Bones Software, and it is very similar to a word processor for coders. With it, a web developer can have total control over the text.

This gives a web developer the long-desired freedom over the text. It is a simple and user-friendly implementation, it helps a lot when copying and pasting text, it has a built-in intelligence that remembers almost all used blocks of text, and sometimes it gives useful suggestions to the web developer.

It is important to note that this is an award-winning tool, which means that it definitely “doesn’t suck” (as stated in the picture).


This tool makes the web-developing process “a piece of cake”. Its name suggests that it is very helpful and easy to use. With it, the coding process and the process of implementation are done with greater speed.

A web developer doesn’t need to configure this tool at all. Translations, database access, caching, validation, authentication, and more helpful tools are included. This tool is licensed under the MIT license.

This guarantees that you can use it for commercial apps (all this and many other features are listed in the picture above).


This is a tool that is a totally free gallery of DHTML and AJAX codes that can be used by the beginner web developer, but it is also a handy tool for the experienced web developer. It is very useful when you are writing large quantities of text.

The SyntaxHighlighter feature that this tool comes with has proven to be of much help. It handles over twenty different languages, and it is probably the best way to format and highlight examples of code. Besides the three other features that can be seen in the picture, Mini AJAX has a lot more of them.

It is advisable for the reader to follow the link and check the website out. There is a free demo for every tool that is featured, so you can give it a try before you purchase it.

In conclusion, coding is a long and mentally exhausting process. Every tool that makes the coding process take up less time than usual is considered a necessity for any web developer. In the text above, I have listed just the four tools that I found very helpful. There are many other tools that can be of help when the coding process is concerned. The reader should feel free to explore the web and find the most suitable tools for him or her.