5 Digital Marketing Channels That Enable Ambitious Divorce Lawyers To Expand Their Legal Practice

We believe that most divorce lawyers are ambitious, not just in terms of wanting to successfully represent their clients, but more specifically, that they wish to expand their law firm. That expansion could take the form of taking on more clients by employing more divorce lawyers or on a greater scale, being able to open additional offices in other towns and cities.

Whatever the level of ambition any divorce lawyer reading this might have, surely you at least want to have the means to attract new clients. For those whose ambition is at the other end of the scale in wanting multiple offices across the country, and those whose ambitions lie between those two extremes, there is one thing that you all have in common, and that is you must market your services.

With us being in the age of the internet, the primary marketing outlet is online, and it offers a multitude of ways in which divorce lawyers can promote themselves. However, rather than bamboozle you with dozens of different marketing tactics, we are going to make it much simpler and, instead, focus on five of the most effective digital marketing channels, all of which are 100% proven to work for divorce lawyers.

Email Marketing

We will begin with a marketing channel that has been hugely effective from the outset, and which is still highly effective today. Every business, including a divorce law firm, should be using email marketing, not only because it works, but because it is relatively simple to implement. From a single email, you can enlighten subscribers and provide advice on divorce law, plus send promotions related to the legal services you offer.

Video Marketing

From one of the oldest online marketing channels, we come to one which is relatively new by comparison. As such, many divorce lawyers have not yet realised how much opportunity video marketing offers, but it gives you the chance to get well ahead of your competition. YouTube, for example, is the second largest search online so when those in your local catchment areas search there for videos on divorce and its legalities, your videos can be the ones they see and watch.

Pay Per Click Advertising

For divorce lawyers who are not only ambitious but to some extent impatient to grow their law firms, the quickest way to act via online marketing is pay per click (PPC) ads. Whether on Google, Facebook, or any of the many other advertising platforms, you can have your ads appearing within minutes, and traffic coming to your website almost as quickly.

Social Media

Divorce is a serious matter, and this can make some divorce lawyers feel that social media is not the correct outlet for them. They are wrong. No one is suggesting that you post videos of cats doing stunts or rude memes, but instead, you publish useful and engaging content on social media, which is guaranteed to help your branding and generate followers and traffic.


SEO is arguably the most complex means of marketing online, but it is also one of the most fruitful for generating website traffic. Having your website sit at the top of Google and other search engines for highly relevant search terms entered by local internet users can take any business, including your law firm, to another level. If you are unsure how to implement SEO then we highly recommend you contact a local SEO agency.