How To Strategically Position Yourself As The Top Local Landscaping Expert

When discussing how landscapers can enhance their brand and make their local target audience more aware that they exist, one of the goals we suggest a landscaping business should aim for is to make itself the first that local people think of. Wherever you live, you will know lawyers, car mechanics, restaurants, or wedding planners that always get mentioned, which applies to landscapers, too.

That should be something you aim for so that whenever landscaping is discussed amongst your community, your business is mentioned first. However, you may take that a stage further, which is to position yourself as the local go-to landscaping expert.

Imagine not only the kudos but also the many business advantages if you are regarded by those who live locally as the person who is to landscaping what Cesar Milan is to dog behaviour and Warren Buffet is to investing. Granted, you might not achieve the worldwide audience of those two gentlemen (for now!), but think of the benefits to your landscaping business if you are considered of as the local landscaping guru.

All sounds great, but no doubt you are wondering how you could rise to become known as a local landscaping expert. Well, wonder no more, as here are some ways from the landscaping experts at Martin Cuthbert to help you achieve this.

Create A Blog: One of the simplest ways to show people your expertise in landscaping is to create a blog. There, you can post excellent content full of facts, tips, advice, and information on landscaping, which undoubtedly shows those reading that you are an expert landscaper.

Build An Email Subscriber List: You can build an email subscriber list by offering a free report on landscaping in return for an email address. You can send out emails full of great information and occasional promotional emails, which can gain clients.

Publish Guest Posts On Other Landscaping Websites: A great way to expand your audience and also add to the proof that you are a respected landscaping expert, is to publish guest posts on landscaping websites other than your own. Most website owners welcome fresh content, so reach out to them.

Expand Your Activities On Social Media: You will find many of your audience online and using social media; that is how you can become known to them. Specifically, post helpful information and original photographs relating to landscaping on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you want to maximise this opportunity, publish landscaping videos on YouTube.

Maximise Your Exposure With Local Media: Whether it be local radio, local TV, or local press, these are all fantastic outlets to use to become the local landscaping celebrity. If you have advice and knowledge to share then some of these media outlets will happily publish or broadcast it at no cost to you other than your time writing or spent in a TV or radio studio.

Start Calling Yourself “The #1 Landscaping Expert In…”: Do not shirk from saying you are the ‘The #1 Landscaping Expert In Your City” because we are sure there is no test other landscapers can take to prove otherwise. Besides, even if it is only your family who believes it to be true, then that is enough justification. It is also an awesome way to brand yourself for all the previous activities we have covered.