6 Awesome Apps to Create Exemplary 3D Printable Objects

With more and more people leveraging the benefits associated with 3D Printing technology, it isn’t surprising to spot 3D printers in homes, schools, offices etc. The most enticing convenience of creating and printing 3D objects/patterns has motivated individuals of all age groups to choose the 3D printing technology.

Thanks to the tireless efforts put in by professional developers, we now have easy access to several simple-to-use mobile apps that enable us to create eye-catchy 3D printable objects conveniently.

Continue reading this post which will make you familiar with six of the best mobile apps that allow you to create and print 3D images/patterns in a simple and utmost comfortable format. So, let’s get straight to these apps.

1. 123D Sculpt

This is an iOS app that allows you to sculpt and paint enticing and realistic 3D shapes and patterns. To get started with using the app, all you need to do is simply browse through the default library of humans, creatures, vehicles etc., choose a specific shape and push/pull/paint for the creation of a unique sculpture.

Once you’re done with creating your objects, get going with printing them using the AirPrint printer. You may also opt for uploading your animated QuickTime movies to YouTube for sharing with family and friends.

2. Sculpteo

Considered the Swiss Army Knife of all the 3D Printing apps, Sculpteo allows you to create unique 3D objects, browse existing 3D Objects and also buy/share 3D Objects from a personal set.

You can use this iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app for creating and customizing your mugs, rolling pins, vases and a lot of other interesting stuff. If you’re creative at heart, then Sculpteo is for you because the app offers you a brilliant platform for creating an absolutely stunning collection of 3D printable objects.

3. 123D Catch

With the 123D Catch app installed in your smartphone, you can capture people, things, buildings and places using your device’s camera, thereby building realistic 3D user experiences. Once you’re done with capturing the images, 123D Catch will automatically transform the same into highly interactive 3D Models, which can later be shared with your family, friends and fellow 3D Photography professionals.

You can conveniently store all the captured models in a cloud architecture for easy access via a variety of devices. Compatible with your iPhone/iPad and iPod Touch, 123D Catch is an app tailored to suit the requirements of a 3D fan.

4. Cubify Draw

Just install the Cubify Draw app on your mobile device, and you can enjoy the freedom of scribbling infinite, 3D printable content with just a simple touch of a finger. Just draw a shape and tap on “Connect”; the app will automatically connect all the lines to form a sealed model, which can further be 3D printed using the 3D printer.

You’ll need to tap “Fill” to make the outline that you’ve drawn to come up with a suitable shape.

Additionally, you can also grab the flexibility of fetching images from your iPad photo library for use in the form of a background guide which can be used for tracing and creating 3D printable patterns. The app’s freehand mode allows you to draw and 3D print in addition to signing your signature using your finger.

5. Blokify

Blokify is yet another brilliant iOS app that allows you to build unlimited blocks while on the move. With the creation of perfect block-based models, you can choose to 3D print them in the most efficient manner.

As a completely free app, Blokify comes with one-click wireless printing, allowing you to send your specific designs to a personal 3D printer. The flexibility of building and sharing your own individual models has made Blokify the best means of making the most of 3D printing.

6. Morphi

As a brand new 3D Modeling and printing app, Morphi allows you to create fabulous 3D models using a finger touch without the need for any WiFi or even a mouse. Among the many uses of Morphi, the prime ones include the creation of functional and decorative wearables/products, building 3D Models for Maker education i.e. MarkerEd and a variety of STEAM subjects(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art+Math).

You can create 3D printable designs using the different libraries comprising elegant text, unique 3D shapes and vibrant colours. Additionally, there are some hidden shape features as well, which render you the flexibility of adding extra sides to certain types of shapes that are bent at different angles.

There are also impressive simplifications and streamlining of multiple 3D Modelling features, including scale, rotate, subtract, merge, group/ungroup and a variety of other functions which make the entire experience of 3D creation and printing absolutely remarkable.

Wrapping Up

Creating and printing fantastic 3D characters is something that, if undertaken using the right app, can enable you to dig deeper into the world of 3D printing. I’m sure the above list of six effective apps will help you in building and 3D printing shapes that are closer to your heart.