Budget Ideas to Market Your Small Business Online

It is not easy to build a marketing strategy as a startup or small business. Between the hundred things you need to do every day getting creative with social media, advertising, etc may seem exhausting. Even so, marketing can help you reach new audiences through messaging and mediums they love.

If you don’t have a big budget to invest in marketing, there is a plethora of inexpensive tools and ideas to market your small business online.


Be Strategically Social

If you invest in sponsored posts on LinkedIn or Facebook, you can put your business, product or service in front of new members of your audience each month. Remember, even a small investment in social media marketing can get you new followers on social media, as well as, brand awareness and increased web traffic. The ultimate goal is to produce profits that can be traced back to engagement on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.

Strengthen Your Team

Establishing informal partnerships with other businesses for cross-promoting or marketing a new product can be extremely beneficial to both sides, especially for startups and small businesses who don’t have a large contact database.

Working with other business owners and sharing contacts whose markets overlap with yours could help you scale your business and build awareness quicker than you would be able to do on your own.


Use Free Google Tools

Climbing up on Google searches can be touch. Fortunately, Google gives you great tools to help you. For example, Google Analytics allows you to see how visitors interact with your store and where they are coming from.

It is also important to react to events in real-time. Google Trends is another free tool that helps you stay on top of trends and popular topics so you can join discussions and conversations while drawing attention to your business store.

Google My Business is a simple feature that helps customers find your business on Google Maps and learn more. Google My Business is a great way to get more information about who is interested in your products, improve your visibility, and strategies to get more out of every dollar invested.



Reddit is a social network, also known as the front page of the internet. When used right, Reddit can be a powerful tool. It is composed of a tech-savvy audience and is one of the best places to market your small business online. To attract attention, share great content and post only to popular niches. You will notice that there are subcategories that deal with specific interests in existence. Find your category and dominate.


DIY Infographic

Infographics are powerful marketing tools. They are noticeable, easy to digest, and people to share them. They are a great way to drive up traffic. If you can’t create an infographic on your own, you can hire a designer to make you one.

If you have some basic understanding of Adobe Illustrator, you can try the vector kits that include all the elements needed to make a great infographic. Don’t have inspiration? Check out Visual.ly where you can find beginner and advanced examples.


Develop a Customer Referral Program

Another way to market your business online is by offering your customers a free product, a discount or some other reward for referring new people. Word-of-mouth is quite powerful so having friends telling friends about your products is pretty valuable.


Video Tutorials

If you want to reach a large audience start creating video tutorials on websites like YouTube. Teach your followers how to do something, share insider tips, a personal story, etc. Create a high-quality video that goes into depth.

You may find it confusing the idea to create a video teaching something that you would have people pay for it, but it is by far one of the best ways to set yourself up as a dominant business, gain loyal followers, and new potential buyers.

Like any other budget-friendly strategy for marketing your small business online, it takes time to build up your following. However, keep in mind that video tutorials offer one of the best methods for drawing in the right people.


Create a Listing on Yelp

Yelp is one of the biggest and most popular review websites. Creating a listing on Yelp is worth the effort. It is free to create a listing and you will have a chance to present your business in front of the platform’s 140 million monthly visitors.


Answer Questions on Quora

Quora and other Q&A websites consist of people looking for answers. Search the website for relevant questions you can answer smartly.

Now that you know how to market your small business online, you can finally get your company’s name out there.

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