Advertising for Small Business with Facebook Ads

As a small business owner, you might be avoiding paid online advertising in fear of it taking out your resources. Facebook, in particular, provides a tool for businesses of all sizes and industries, with no minimum spend.

Facebook marketing can help you get found more easily online, create a community around your products or services, promote the content you post, and develop a powerful brand identity. Facebook ads are a great way to build your customer base and attract people who are interested in what you sell because the targeting options are excellent. So, how can your small business attract new leads and turn them into customers?

The best way to drive new customers using Facebook ads is to offer something valuable. Facebook Ads require you to provide something attractive to get people to click. In other words, when advertising for small business on Facebook, you have to be creative in grabbing people’s attention.

Here are five examples of small businesses who successfully created Facebook Ads.


#1. Route 32: Offer Special Discount

To get new customers, Route 32 (a dentist office) created a Facebook ad that centered around discounts. When it comes to something as necessary as dentist services, Route 32 needed to find a way to show their services in a positive way. They used an engaging image while backing up with a great offer that takes something more complex like braces and making it super easy to understand with a special discount of $99 a month.

As this small business ad shows, any type of business can advertise online on Facebook. As long as you are targeting the right group of people and using the right copy, you can be successful at generating new leads on the social platform.


#2. Erika Volk Fitness: Offer Free Course

Erika Volk Fitness’s goal was to gain a more steady way to target potential customers and get them onto the subscriber list (email list is still one of the best online channels with the highest customer engagement). The business didn’t have a huge budget so the Facebook campaign started with $20 a day.

They created a Facebook ad promoting an email course free of charge. When clicking on the ad, visitors were directed to a landing page where they can sign up and join the course. When signing up, visitors leave their emails which were later used to sell premium workout plans and schedules.

The results were amazing. There were around 2000 new email subscribers and more than 11.000 unique visitors in one month.

The creative way was a simple photo with an overlaid copy that presented the special offer. Remember, the more the visuals convey, the better the chance it will catch your people’s attention and lead to a conversion.


#3. Beericana: Special Giveaway

Beericana is a craft beer and music festival that wanted to try a Facebook Ads campaign to bring more people to their North Carolina event. Beericana is just another example of why advertising for small business on Facebook is highly effective.

Beericana needed a simple and quick way to grow their email database, sell more tickets, and raise awareness for the festival.

They created a special giveaway that could be promoted through Facebook ads. To enter the special giveaway, people had to input their phone number and their email address. After signing up, the subscribers received emails promoting the event tickets.

The results were incredible, more than 45.000 impressions on Facebook in two weeks, more than 500 emails captured, and over $5000 in ticket sales. The ad was accompanied by a video that highlighted previous Beericana events. Videos have a higher conversion rate than images.

#4. Redmaster Designers: Lead with Social Proof

When it comes to advertising for small business online, services can be difficult to sell because you are talking about something that can’t be seen or touched. Take Redmaster’s example and show your potential customers the final product. Let the results speak for themselves. People scrolling online through Facebook can decide whether this is something they need, pick up the phone, and give that business a call.

Leading with social proof comes in various forms. For example, you could share before-and-after images, testimonials, press, case studies, and more to show your customers.


#5. FlatRate Moving: Consider Value Proposition

FlatRate Moving took advantage of Facebook Ads to increase their bookings. They used the value they bring to their clients to convey in the Facebook ad. In fact, the business wanted to remove the stress related to moving by having them deal with all the time-consuming and negative aspects.

The best advertising for small business is not all about offering special deals and discounts but more about how your business can make a difference for someone. You can use this story (about how your business can change their lives), maybe appeal to their emotions and convince the reader they need you.

With every one of these five ads, you will want to make sure it is perfectly clear to the reader where you are sending them and what they need to do. Use the right copy to make them understand what they are getting by clicking or filling out their information.

As per Facebook, once you have captured attention and created demand for your small business, motivate potential customers to sign up for more details, spend time on your website, visit your online store, and other actions that signal they may purchase. Knowing which people are thinking about purchasing your products or services helps you reconnect with them later to encourage them to complete the purchasing process so you can increase your sales.

So, are you ready to head on over to Facebook, take advantage of Facebook ads and get your business name in front of the world?

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